What Our Clients Say



We are happy to express our appreciation for your efforts with regard to the business development services for “Prorites Equipments Pvt Ltd” in year 2018–19.
We have received appropriate & timely support from you all which is definitely admirable. We are pleased to work with a competent & efficient team like you.
We hope to receive the exceptional services in coming year also. We are looking forward to a long association with you

Kinjal Shah


With reference to subject line, we M/s. Thermotech Systems Limited (TSL) are highly pleased with services offered & executed by M/s. Rudra Alliance (RA) team till date. We at TSL had planned in late 2017 to venture in Oil & Gas Industry with product segment of Fired Heater, which was technologically advanced system then what we were manufacturing.
We started working towards our entry in that industry but faced certain challenges like identifying right companies, approaching methodology, contact development, market research, inquiry generation from right source & many more. We after basic research found that RA is offering majority of services, where we were facing challenge & some additional business development services which might be beneficial to our organization overall growth. After series of discussions TSL & RA signed official contract on Business Development & Organization Behaviour & Organization Development services for domestic & international market for TSL in month of April, 2018 with a Vision statement.
The journey started slowly for nearly 4 months as RA team were learning on our product specifications, industry applications, major players, market size, etc.. TSL provided required training on product, application, market knowhow, commercial insight, etc enabling RA to capitalize the same & prepare long term roadmap to achieve vision of TSL.
The team of RA faced some hurdles initially on execution basis, market reach, customer identification, customer approach, etc but with experience & sharp understanding of RA team especially Mr. Gunjan Dave (Founder), the team working started showing results from last quarter of 2018.
TSL had executed couple of projects through RA within 18 months of contract & there are project in pipeline in tune of more than 1.5 times the turnover of TSL.
RA had very nice approach in creating long term platform of continuous business by enlisting TSL with major EPC, PSU, PMC, etc.
The vision of TSL seems to be small after 18 months of RA & TSL association as RA had shown large potential to TSL on product & industry segment they are working presently. TSL estimates to complete its first milestone on vision at least 12 months early than planned.
RA is also instrumental in tuning Organization by guiding on implementation of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) in TSL, whereby the quality of products & systems in operation gets a real lift to suit industry demand.
RA team works in benefit to TSL & clients both, which creates a healthy ecosystem for long term relationship & ensures good business in future.
We at TSL are extremely happy with RA approach, services, execution & overall management and look forward to work for years together.

Akash Patel

Waterman Industries Private Limited

We, at WATERMAN INDUSTRIES PVT LTD were majorly a B2B business doing contract manufacturing of pumps for major brands supplying all over INDIA. Out of the total turnover, almost 80% was done in B2B and 20% was done by our own brand WATERMAN‘s distribution channel. We had taken consultancy from RUDRA ALLIANCE for a few years from 2014 in order to streamline our sales and marketing process. We wanted to switch from being a B2B to B2D and B2C focussed business. This required a lot of changes in our working environment, culture, systems, and beliefs and so on.
RUDRA ALLIANCE team was very patient with the top management and the entire organization in order to bring this cultural change which is a time taking process and cannot happen overnight. In spite of their prior experience being majorly in B2G and B2B businesses, his overall understanding of the sales and marketing as a department is extremely commendable.
Their techniques are very simple but not easy to implement. It requires a lot of openness in the top management‘s mind–set, to accept the changes which is the most difficult part. He will give his best in changing our mind–set for the better, to make us remove all the blocks in our head and directly attack the belief system, which is required for sustainable long term results. He lead the team as and when required and also visited the field to get a better in depth knowledge of our market. Our entire sales policies, client profile forms, survey forms, incentive policies, distribution policies etc were all designed by his inputs and the industry norms which we still use till date. I would recommend him to who–so ever is looking for a change in their business structure as a whole right from policy documentation to real time strategies, since ultimately implementation is in the hands of the company itself